Age Of Oblivion

Welcome to one of the newest and coolest 7 Days To Die overhaul mods. We are in the process of building an Age of Oblivion Wiki with guides and tutorials on everything age of oblivion related. If you have any questions or want to join our supportive community, then feel free to join our Discord.

Welcome to Age of Oblivion


Age Of Oblivion Story

It is the Age of Oblivion. The world has been invaded by a species of unknown origin that has infected the population with some virus, transforming us into Zombies. The remaining world’s scientists formed a secret organization called “The Skulls”. They worked on a cure but only made things worse! Many of their test subjects transformed into something else altogether, something far worse than a zombie.

Their first attempt at a cure created what is now known as “The Night Watchers.” these horrific creatures only seem to come out at night and wander the world aimlessly, looking for their next meal, looking for others to join them and calling for the death of mortals! Unfortunately, the next attempt at a cure resulted in even more dangerous and disgusting abominations.

Many of these are still locked up in the secret skull chambers used for experimentation. If you come across any of these chambers, I advise you to stay as far away as possible if you want to live. Eventually, all of the scientists were killed by their own creations, but there is a rumour that one survived and was extremely close to a cure. No one knows for sure, but if you could find this scientist, there still may be hope for humanity. To find him, you will first have to learn to survive in the “Age of Oblivion”, and the first step will be to Craft an Oblivion Master Workbench. This bench will allow you to craft all other workbenches and receive additional quests!


Age of Oblivion is the final product. You will get it when all of our other mods are combined into one! Currently, 3 Main components are being worked on: Farm Life, Decorators Life and Mechanics Life (these names could change). These 3 components will be designed to work as standalone mods but, when combined, become AoO.

  • Farm Life concentrates on Crops, Animals and Food.
  • Decorators Life will be all about Building and decor.
  • Mechanics Life will be a vehicle Overhaul. It will provide a lot more vehicles and new ways to build them.

Many of the small modlets I have been creating will be part of these bigger mods. Decor Blocks will be part of the decorator’s life, and the Sportscar pack will be part of the Mechanic’s Life. There will eventually be a 4th as of yet unnamed component that will deal more with things like Zombies, Weapons, etc. (basically the stuff not part of the first 3)

Meet The Team


Creator & Developer

Piper Mac


A 51-year-old gamer and a massive fan of Mods. I come from the time of Colecovision, Atari, Nintendo, Doom2 and Diablo2. I usually only play one game at a time, as time barely permits for that. Before 7 Days, I played Fortnite: Save the World. I have tried other survival games, like Ark, for about a second or two.

Survival games intrigued me, but I found the early game of them too tedious for my liking. It took too long to get to the “Good Stuff”, which became unforgiving to a newbie. If you did things wrong or poorly and just wanted to start over, it took forever to get back to the point you wanted. Luckily, with 7 Days To Die, I came across mods relatively early, which ultimately saved the game for me. Adding mods and customising the game for how I enjoyed playing was terrific. By playing and combining probably 50 or so modlets, three Mods that I combined that stood out were “Farmlife v3”, “Vehicle Madness”, and “The Wasteland”, and then a ton of modlets that tweaked settings to my liking.

As I learned about these mods, I slowly learned how to mod myself, leading to the “Age of Oblivion”, a mod of how I like to play. It is not overly tricky, allows for fast progression, emphasises base building and decor, and gives other gameplay options outside the typical “Kill Zombie”.

This game is excellent for the one reason that we can all play it the way we want to play it. If there is a feature or setting you want, it is probably available. We can joke with each other about the mods we play with or the *cough* Modless heathens, but in the end, we play how we want to, and there is nothing better than that!


Marketing & Branding


Nams is the founder of the Salty Zombies Gaming Community. The largest and most popular 7 Days To Die Servers in the world. His community also run RUST PVE servers and Minecraft Java Servers. Currently, Nams is working hard to develop his own zombie survival game.

How To Install Age Of Oblivion

The best way to install the Age Of Oblivion Overhaul Mod is to install it manually. The 7D2D Mod launch can cause some issues sometimes. So we always recommend doing it the manual way. It’s very simple to do and only takes a few minutes.

Here is an excellent video by Nams on manually installing any overhaul mod for 7 Days To Die. He goes through some common mistakes people make when installing overhaul mods and some troubleshooting at the end.

Recommended computer specs

  • A Decent CPU (i5 7th gen+)
  • Dedicated graphics card with at least 3GB of VRAM
  • 24GB of RAM (if you run nothing else during startup)
  • If you don’t have graphics with dedicated VRAM, double the RAM up to 32GB is required.

Age Of Oblivion Community Server

We have an Age Of Oblivion Community Server run by Salty Zombies. The server is open to everyone who enjoys the AOO Mod. It’s hosted on one of their beastly dedicated servers. It’s a PVE server, so no killing other players or raiding their base. It also has an increased loot and XP rate with extended days of 90 minutes rather than the usual 60. If you want to try our mod with a large community of people, we highly recommend trying the server.

AOO Server Settings

  • IP:
  • Port: 29600
  • 150% Loot/XP
  • Lvl 2 Zombie Difficulty
  • 31×31 LCB Size
  • 100% LCB Protection
  • LCB Expiration: Never
  • 500m Share XP Range
  • 5 Game Day Loot Respawn
  • 90min Days
  • Drop Everything On Death
  • 4x LCB Per Player
  • Bloodmoon Frequency: 7
  • Airdrop: Everyday With Marker


  • No Raiding
  • No Stealing
  • No Tree Farms
  • No Drop Mining
  • No Building in Water
  • Duping, X-raying, etc, are all not allowed
  • No using 3rd party tools to alter game state

Age Of Oblivion Guides

Below is a list of video guides and 7 Days To Die Age Of Oblivion playthroughs made by the community. You can learn much about the mod by watching these awesome playthroughs and some tips & tricks from the Age Of Oblivion Mod Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

7 Days To Die doesn’t come with much of a guide, and their Wiki is usually outdated. However, at the Age Of Oblivion, we hope to give you the best guides, up to date Wiki and a very extensive FAQ page to help you with any confusion. Below is our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t here, feel free to ask in our discord.

I have a quest to find a "secret trader" but there is no marker to find them!

That is correct. They are secret for a reason. Look for a trader sign buried in the ground, or even a hatch. They can be easy to miss as the entrance is at your feet.


It is in your AppData folder under Roaming. This is for BOTH a server setup and a user setup on Windows. It should be in this location. C:UsersyourusernameAppDataRoaming7 Days to DieSaves. The saves are in their game world folders, not by your game names.

Here is a picture of where it is located in the window on the right. You can ignore the 7zip and other windows in the picture:

I cannot find how to make the Workbench or Chemistry Station!

The Workbench and Chemistry Station has been turned off for player crafting in Age of Oblivion. The Oblivion Workbench functions as a workbench and the Alchemy Station functions as a Chemistry Station.

I am taking damage above and below this skull in the ground!

It is intentional that if you enter a skull chamber (unlock the skull with a skull key) to start taking damage. This is to keep players from camping out in the POI. You will need to plan ahead with healing items to survive any trip into a skull chamber.

While it isn’t intentional to have the damage buff go above ground, it does happen occasionally. Usually this is right over a skull chamber or very close to it. You won’t always have it above ground, but leaks do happen. Don’t loiter around the skulls.

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