Variant Clone Chamber

Basic cloning chamber to get a random animal guard.


Obtained byCrafting
Base craft time20 seconds
Amount gained per craft1
Unlocked byAOO Cloning Skill
Level 1
Scraps toNone
Upgrades toAdvanced Animal Guard Cloning Chamber
Base sell valueNone


Crafting Details

Cloning Station

Workstation: Cloning Station

Tool: None

Forged Iron

Mechanical Parts

Forged Iron

Mechanical Parts

Requirements to Use
Used To Get Randomly

Guard Dog CoalGuard Dog Coal
Guard Dog LeadGuard Dog Lead
Guard Dog NitrateGuard Dog Nitrate
Guard Dog ShaleGuard Dog Shale
Guard HellbearGuard Hellbear
Guard HellboarGuard Hellboar
Guard HelllionGuard Helllion
Guard HellwolfGuard Hellwolf
Guard RabbitGuard Rabbit

Other Notes

  • There is always a chance that a cloning may fail. In those cases, you will get Rotting Flesh.
  • The current chances of failure are estimated to be about 30%.
  • To upgrade the chamber, you must first give it the ingredients canister and then use the upgrade token.
  • Upgrading Animal Guard Chambers clip
  • If destroyed while waiting for you to claim the clone, it will NOT be returned to your inventory. So if you want to destroy it to move it, it needs to be in any other stage except waiting to be looted.

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