Age of Oblivion – Cloning Guide

Cloning Station
Pet Cloning Chamber
Milking Cow ChamberEgg Laying Chicken ChamberChicken Incubator
Human Guard Cloning ChamberAnimal Guard Cloning Chamber
Advanced Human Guard Cloning Chambers
Advanced Animal Guard Cloning ChambersAdvanced Pet Cloning Chambers
Incomplete Clone
Resurrection Table

We are sterile! Survivors have scattered, but some couples still try and fail. Even the animals are failing. Artificial insemination attempts are aborted shortly afterwards. We are doomed!

Wait. I found the answer… YES!! It is a success! The first live pig born in months! My cloning chamber works! IT IS ALIVE!!

Monsters are spoken of by survivors looking for my secret. Horrible beasts are now roaming the lands. I hope the chemist is behind that in his search for a cure.

Step 1

I cracked how to clone humans too! Unfortunately, not the intelligence part. They will make for good watchers and can pull a trigger. At least they can be taught what not to kill. (They will not attack animals or players.) It seems to work on animals too. Eureka! Mindless (mostly) guards of all species, here we come! Luckily my original project to recreate our food animals has stayed intact. I managed horses too! Sadly no one seems to know how to tame them to ride. I’m sorry it is not cheap. Unfortunately, the cost of this science is stiff. (Plan for at least 1 of each type if you want a strong defence later.)

Step 2

It only took me a year, but I found out how to get the chambers to clone from base materials and duplicate the materials. Giving the ability to get multiple clones one after another. It took a good chunk of all the gold I saved from those willing to part with their nuggets, but it works. There is no other way. The gold is needed to keep the cycle going.

Step 3

Whew, do you know how much deer meat I went through in the past year getting this perfected? I swear I went through a whole herd of them. It was worth it, though, the guards are doing great, and only a few fails and incompletes to show for it. I’ll be selling off the extras soon. I’m sure a survivor would pay for it somewhere.

Step 4

Thank god for that herd of cattle I cloned up. They had just reached adulthood and seemed fat enough to kill. No more stopping my studies from going hunting to eat. Pigs too. It can feed the whole area at this rate now if I could just stop those hordes from finding me.

Step 5

Such a tragedy! One of them dang survivors decided to show me how great their new shotgun turret was. They built from some old blueprints. Wouldn’t you know it killed half my animal stock and guards before we could get the darn thing stopped. I told him to take that infernal contraption home, and he owes me 50 gold nuggets for the cloning chamber he destroyed trying to pull the plug. (Weapon turrets will kill the guards and resurrected zombies).

Eureka! I am Frankenstein!

With my success in cloning, I decided to try my hand at resurrecting the dead. The zombies to be exact. I loved reading Frankenstein, and now I have proven it can be done! Here are the schematics on how I successfully resurrected a zombie. At least it doesn’t try to eat me right away. It seems to have a taste for other zombie flesh, hmm. Fight zombies with zombies?

Im not sure why the group near me refuse to come over anymore and run away when I walk into town. At least Trader Jenn still talks to me, but I see her watching me.

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