Cloning Station

Upgradeable Workstation! Used to Craft Cloning Chambers and Cloning components.


Obtained byCrafting
Base craft time1.5 minutes
Amount gained per craft1
Unlocked byAOO Cloning Skill
Level 1
Scraps toNone
Base sell value309


Other Notes

  • 8-Jan-2022: Currently you can make the Fertile Eggs for the Chicken Cloning Chamber before you can make the actual chamber to use them.
  • There is currently no advantage to upgrading the station to level 3 outside of looks.
  • To upgrade the station, have the upgrade token in your hand from the toolbar and use your secondary action (typically right click) on the cloning station.
  • BEFORE YOU UPGRADE, remove all tools from the cloning station. Any installed tools are lost on upgrade.
  • Upgrade Clone Station Video

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