Becoming A Patreon

Becoming A Patreon

A lot of time, energy and money go into making an overhaul mod, so we appreciate all the donations we can get. Becoming a Patreon of Age Oblivion allows us to keep updating the mod, not just with new content but with tweaks and performance enhancements. But donating to us isn’t just about supporting our content. You get a lot of perks in return. Below is a detailed list of all the perks you can expect from becoming a Patreon of Age Of Oblivion.

Please note that Patreon will charge you on the first of every month. So if you signed up to our Patron on the 25th, it would charge you again on the 1st. We call it the “double-tap” it’s not something we can control. Patreon doesn’t have an option to charge someone from date to date. 

Tier 1 Patreon – $10 a month

This is the appreciation Patreon, a fellow survivor who would like to support the mod’s development and have a say in its direction via exclusive access to the Patreon voting polls. $10 a month might not seem much to you, but it helps a lot in the running costs of the mod, buying assets, running the Patreon server, a testing server, bots, and some software purchases.

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