1. Plan for large kitchen, or cooking patio. To make all the recipes, you will need all of the workstations eventually.
  2. AOO planting skills level 4 will unlock all the recipes, plan to get that asap.
  3. Plan to kill many animals, and different types of animals, for their meat. You’ll need a butcher table to make the appropriate meat cuts.
  4. Enjoy the variety.

Workstations Needed

Oblivion WorkbenchYour main workbench for the mod.
Butcher TableCut the raw meat into meat cuts.
GrillRequired for the grilled recipes.
OvenMainstay of the kitchen, replaces the campfire.
Pizza OvenYummy and gooey Pizza.
SmokerWho doesn’t love smoked meats?
Dairy ChurnA must for any dairy lover.
KitchenaidA good stand mixer is a must.
BrewstationColas, wines, beer, even spirits.
RefrigeratorRecipe maker for cold items, not a storage.
Ice MakerYes, ice in the apocalypse!
Ice Cream MakerOoo, soft serve ice cream.
Drink DispenserDrinks galore all on tap.

Skills Needed

Age of Oblivion Skills

Planting and Growing – Level 4

Unlock all the food recipes!

Information Tables

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