1. If you haven’t already built a farm table, do so. The Farming Quest will walk you through how to farm your first time through.
  2. Start making farm crop plots. Depending on whether you get a hoe later (Hoe Hoe Hoe quest or loot drop), you will need a lot of plots.
  3. Kill zombies and check all drop bags. Take all seed packs. You will need them all.
  4. As soon as you can, make the seed processor and put it in the farm table. You need that to make all the seeds.
  5. Some of the key crops are Sugarcane, Herbs, Spices, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, and Wheat. Plan to have several plots dedicated for each one.
  6. Get the planting skills (vanilla and AOO) up to get the most out of harvests.
  7. Make a scythe. With both skills leveled and the scythe, you can get lots of food back per single plant.

It takes time to get there, but once you have all these done and are farming for yourself, you will never go hungry again.

Workstations Needed

Oblivion WorkbenchYour main workbench for the mod.
Farming WorkbenchAll your needs for seeds and farming.

Skills Needed

Vanilla Skills

Living off the Land – Level 1

Living Off the Land – Level 2

Living off the Land – Level 3

Harvest 2 items from wild or planted crops.
Craft seeds for flower and deco plants.
Farm plots cost 30% less.

Can craft seeds for berries and vegetables.
Farm plots costs 50% less.

Harvest 3 items from wild or planted crops.

Age of Oblivion Skills

Planting and Growing – Level 1

Planting and Growing – Level 2

Planting and Growing – Level 3

Get access to all the seeds!
AOO main skill level 2 required.

Build the Farm Crop Plot which is cheaper.
Unlocks the Scythe to harvest more.
AOO main skill level 4 required.

Unlock the Hoe Hoe Hoe quest to get a hoe, allowing to plant right in the ground.
AOO mail skill level 6 required.

Information Tables

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