Age Of Oblivion Road Map

1. make sure all items have proper naming and Descriptions
2. Add more food recipes to utilize all crops and workstations/tools properly
3. Update the Cloning Chambers for the Milking Cow and Egg Laying Chicken
4. Add more zombies that can be resurrected to the Resurrection table
5. Add More recipes to the Alchemy table (to make the table useful)
6. Add dedicated workstation for vehicles
7. Add at least one more design for Skull Chambers
8. Add at least a couple of new “Flying” Vehicles, ie. Helicopter
9. Add at least 5-10 new Elite items to be sold from the new Elite Trader.
10. Quests! We need to add quite a few new quests and continue to expand on current ones. Cloning questline and Planting/Growing Questline are not considered complete.
11. Add in a half dozen new Zombie/monster models to be used for Skull chamber Bosses
12. Fix sounds on many items ( Most new items never had appropriate sounds associated with them.)
13. Balancing as needed. We are balancing values where needed as testing continues!


1. Mod will become a DMT based mod (like DF and Undead Legacy). This will allow for a lot of new features.
2. Autominers
3. More Vehicles
4. More Specific Vehicle Workstations and other workstations
5. Powered Workstations
6. More Animals with more types of Meat
7. More Recipes
8. Have all Zombie possible be resurrected
9. More Skull chamber variations
10. More High-end items for the Elite Trader


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